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i'm 19, from Trinidad, this is a slacker blog[except now I have a job] and I love all the good things B)
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my fanart detentionaire Lee Ping Camillio Martinez Holger Holgaart friendship portraits are my favourite T.T this fanart killed me to make but I think it was worth it?! xtechxnerdx there you're tagged
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You don’t have to go it solo

You don’t have to go it solo

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    The quote is killing me with this ;o;
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    "Cam! I swear! I just like his hair!" "Yeah, that’s like what they all say…” "What?!!"
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    Oh my god imagine Camillio finding Lee coveting Holger’s headband for a stray flaxen curl Lee vs Cam round 2 dING DING...
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