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they call me Maya and I don't sleep
i'm 19, from Trinidad, this is a slacker blog[except now I have a job] and I love all the good things B)
i'm into:
standin up 4 ur rights, [and ur right to party], conspiracy theory,cartoons,tripping, growing stuff, harmonica, theatre, RPGs ,robots, futuretech, sexy ghost costume, romance fic, spoken word/ alt lit [gOOD alt lit] poetry and cool people who are real and up for fun or talking or w/e

it's life and i'm livin it ________________________________

big ups to the Detentionaire fandom, it's the Splattiest__________________________
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#awesome fanart
#acelaces replies
#real life
#reality is a chasm
Prankspiracy solved: now what tonight's livestream was awesome Detentionaire Lee Ping detebtonaer my fanart unfortunately
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vents warm, very feel

vents warm, very feel

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